Caustic Cleaners

Optimal Caustic #1620

The industry’s best liquid caustic. Known to be the highest quality cleaner for the brewery market. Quality cleaning with quality rinse.


SL Circulator #1645

Liquid caustic @ 35% active level. 1.25-1.50 ounce ratio to water. Hi-yielding product at very competitive pricing. Strong rinsing capabilities and specifically designed for high production.



Caustic Accelerator for the optimal cleaning within highly soiled vessel. A great optimizer for exceptional cleaning of the kettle.

SL Powder Brew Cleaner #1300

The best powder caustic vessel cleaner on the market- Can be used as a keg cleaner and small parts. Can be used in wineries and distilleries. Rinsing/cleaning capabilities are far superior to any cleaner on the market.


SL Powder Brew Cleaner #1340

Powder caustic custom crafted for distillery, brewery and winery. Lower caustic activity. Caustic/non-caustic. Designed for the canning line.


Acid Rinse

SL Acid 5 #1832

Mix of Phosphoric and Nitric Acid. Crafted specifically for acid rinse cycle to rid out organic materials such as beer stone.


Nitirc Acid     

20% for use within Passivation


SL CIP CID #1840

Industry best acid rinse. PURE PHOSPHORIC AT 30%. Designed specifically for high grade steel and will not deteriorate vessel.

PAA sanitizers

Proxitane EQ

Seeler EPA Registration #: 68660-4

Hydrogen peroxide 23%

PAA @ 5.63%



PAA Sanitizer which has a built in de-scaler (acid rinse). The organic acid no rinse is designed to breakdown beer stone. ECO FRIENDLY product. Low water consumption.


Sani 11403

Phosphoric Acid-Based Sanitizer.


custom crafted offerings

SL  Foaming CID #1886

A Phosphoric-based high foaming cleaner specifically crafted to shine the exterior of the tanks.


SL Foaming Copper CID #1896

A Phosphoric-based cleaner with copper inhibitor specifically crafted to shine for the exterior of copper tanks.


Copper Clean MC #1125

A caustic powder that foams for interior cleaning of copper vessel.  Foam allows the user to know when rinse is complete.


Citric Acid

Bulk 50lb Bag - pallets available.


Sodium Hydroxide

Bulk 50lb Bag - pallets available.