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Unique Brewery Blends


At Stone-Leigh Brewery Cleaners, we are truly focused on our users utilizing LESS CHEMICAL. Less Chemical allows for less transportation, less plastic, less chemicals on the shelves, less water use and less production expense.


Acidishine and Unicycle are Stone-Leigh’s Original blends that will reduce the overall production spend on cleaners and at the same time help you reach your corporate environmental initiatives.



Unicycle is an Acid–Hydrogen Peroxide based detergent for use in the food and beverage processing industries.  A true ONE-STEP CLEANER for Brites and Holding Tanks. Recommend utilization is for CIP, Manual and Spray cleaning. UNICYCLE has chelating agent to rid out soils and to enable a cleaned rinse environment. Moreover, UNICYCLE contains unique water softening abilities to create consistent cleaning environment.


AcidiShine offers the microbiological sanitizing power of conventional PAA-based sanitizers but features a unique formulation greatly improving its efficacy and stability. Designed for a variety of food and beverage processing applications, AcidiShine can help save time and expense by combining the acid rinse and sanitizing steps into one. Furthermore, when used to sanitize a clean in place (CIP) system, AcidiShine can be controlled by conductivity, giving the operator greater flexibility in dosing the product – and possibly contributing to better cost efficiency.



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